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About The Art!

In the past years I have become obsessed with paper. I have been collecting it for eons and after a small room was consumed with these delightful pulped trees it was decided to start using them. First projects were Origami. The Origami flowers, origami jewelry and origami Scrap booking was fun and entertaining. Next was sculpturing small projects, paper sculptures and works of art made entirely of paper. Soon an idea came about, Work with the paper as to look like it was painted. The first project as you see to the upper left came out much more than I expected and the ideas just started flowing like a flash flood in Las Vegas. Each one of these paper creations are made entirely of colored dyed Korean rice paper and glue. No need to use inks, paints, or pencils until I sign the art piece.

Now This Is About Me... I started very young drawing and crafting with anything I could find. My first business was making Hobby Horses and Hobby Unicorns and selling them at craft fairs at age 16. Soon graduated from High School which didn't quite inspired my creativity. Went off to explore the world and wound up attending several different colleges till achieving a degree in Architectural Engineering. But my heart was in creating and design. Started paying my dues as a graphic designer in which I call the sweat shop. Pushing out logos, Business packages, resumes and business cards all on a daily deadline, 14-20 projects completed daily, Who does that? Soon worked my way up to bigger and better companies and earned my place as an Art Director with the Art Directors Association of Northern California. Soon Started a design company call Vision Graphics with a business partner.

After 12 years of Graphics a life changing event forced my business partner and I out of good old San Francisco area. So what do you do to a business that was devastated by a move? Well you start a different one. Just Mystic Visions was started in 1994 with creating products for something fun... renaissance fairs. Worked with leather, fabrics, clay and jewelry. My creativity expanded even more as I ventured in painting wall murals, book illustrations and crafted Fairies (which I sold on eBay).

Now you are all caught up! Welcome to the world of my Art. Please enjoy!